Our Farm's Story

Shaun and Kim Tyson are first generation farmers that specialize in grass fed, grain finished beef.

The beef at Fifty Four Farms is free of added hormones and unnecessary antibiotics. There is a strong focus on meat quality, marbling, and docility, as well as humane handling and processing techniques.

They started as Tyson Farms in 2015 with their children and have experienced explosive growth that has led to them becoming one of the premier direct to consumer/retail beef farms in Central Illinois.That growth led to the renaming of the business to Fifty Four Farms to allow for regional expansion and a wider audience.

“At Fifty Four Farms we pride ourselves on giving our animals the best lives possible while they’re with us. From the very beginning until the harvest, each animal is cared for in the safest and most humane way possible.” - Shaun Tyson

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Farming Protocols

  • Dry-Aged

    All Beef at Fifty Four Farms is dry aged for maximum tenderness and quality.
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  • Grain fed

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  • Humanely raised

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  • Made 100% in the USA

    Raised and processed in the USA
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  • No growth hormones

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  • Pasture raised and grain finished

    Raised on grass until the last 3 months
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  • USDA certified

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